Þriðjudaga, fimmtudaga
10:00 – 20:00
12:00 – 18:00

Ineta is professional Nail/Manicure technician, with 12 year experience. Most of the time she has worked in a professional salon “MARVINC” in Riga.
She has been in Iceland for 2 years now and she is a gem to our salons team.

New set / Gel nail modeling with “Caterine”, SPA pedicure with “CND Shellac”
14.000 isk

New set / Classic manicure with “CND Shellac”, SPA pedicure with “CND Shellac”
12.000 isk

Classic manicure
5000 isk

Classic manicure with “CND Shellac”
6500 isk

Gel nail modelling “Catherine”
8000 – 9000 isk

SPA pedicure with “CND Shellac”
7000 isk

SPA pedicure with French gel nail polish
7500 isk

Design for 1 nail
300 isk

Gel removing
4000 isk