Virka dag  9:00-14:00

Dear clients!

Some of you know me, some of you don’t. So I will tell you a bit about myself and my abilities.

The thing is that I Love what I do and that is the main goal being a great massage therapist.
My mom is also a massage therapist, so it kind of runs in family, as I spent a lot of time around her and her clients when I was a kid.
I think that I have ability to read people’s bodies and muscles and sometimes I don’t even need you to tell me on which part I have to work on as I can feel most tensed areas.
Before I came to Iceland I worked in Maltas nr. #1 spa – Myoka spa’s for 4 years.
And there in Malta I also learnt to be a beauty specialist, but that I don’t love as much as being a massage therapist.
I also like to run and go to the gym and know a bit about how to stretch each body part and how to get rid of tensions.
And I love Iceland and love being in nature, as here the nature is something out of this world.

Thank you my clients and clients to be..
See you on my massage table.

Back massage 30 min
7.000 kr

Full Body 1h
10.000 kr

Full Body 1,5h
12.000 kr

Oriental head massage 30 min.
7.000 kr

Invigorating foot and leg massage ~45 min.
8.000 kr

Deep Tissue back massage 45 min.

Deep Tissue 1h
12.000 kr

Deep Tissue 1,5h
14.000 kr

Pregnancy massage 1h
10.000 kr

Pregnancy massage 1,5h
12.000 kr

Body Oriented Therapy ~1,5 – 2h.
15.000 kr

Stress buster massage ( 1h or 1,5 h )

The ultimate full body massage that stimulates circulation and improves skin and muscle tone while soothing tense and tired muscles, combined with an amazing stress-relieving head and face massage

Aromatherapy – Full Body Massage with essential oils

This is a form of massage which incorporates the use of essential oils to help promote self-healing, relaxation and rejuvenation depending on the clients age.

Oriental Head massage (25min)

This is a relaxing, pressure point massage working on your shoulders, neck, face and scalp to relieve tension, headaches and stress.

Back massage (30 min)

Especially customized back massage focusing on the whole back or specific area to relieve stress, tension and to help you relax.

Invigorating foot and leg massage (~45min.)

A revitalizing treatment for tired feet and heavy legs. Provides a soothing experience to help reduce puffiness and soothe aches and pains. Also use of pressure points on the feet to heal whole body.

Deep tissue massage

This is a therapeutic massage focusing on stretching the back, neck and shoulders for the back massage and whole body for full body to treat stress and tension, soothe sore muscles and restore energy flows. (High pressure can be used).

Pregnancy massage

A relaxing full body massage to help improve skin elasticity, reduce fatigue and targets areas prone to tension during pregnancy. Also increases circulation to reduce water retention. This massage is ideal for relaxation and relief of muscle tensions and discomforts. Treatments can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Body Therapy

The subconscious emotions do not distinguish between good and bad, positive and negative. They are simply stored deep within us and, if not addressed, later transformed into diseases and injuries. This therapy works with the body – by touching a particular area, activating the emotions that have survived, dissipated stale energies, liberating energy blocks, energizing the flow of energy, enabling the person to deal with the symptoms of his own illness, improve his mood, mood, sleep and quality of life.

Body Therapy is safe, simple and effective. It is based on Eastern medicine traditions, body-oriented psychotherapy and bio-energy system therapy methods.