Virka dag   11:00 – 21:00

30min – 6.000 kr
60min – 10.000 kr

1h – 12.000 ISK

30min – 6.000 ISK

1,5h – 14.000 ISK

1h – 12.000 ISK

1h – 12.000 ISK
1,5h – 14.000 ISK

1.5h – 14.000 ISK

2h – 16.000 ISK

1,5h – 16.000 ISK 

2h  (without wrapping) – 16.500 ISK
2.5h (with wrapping) – 18.500 ISK


This massage works mainly on the physical body – muscles, joints, tendons and other tissues. This massage is suitable if you like a strong, deeply kneading and rubbing massage, or if you are engaged in physical activity or sports.
Classical massage will improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, strengthen the immune system, move passive muscles, eliminate various muscular pains, strengthen ligaments. This massage promotes recovery after physical and mental exertion. The relaxing effect will greatly improve your well-being. This massage has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system as it improves blood circulation and strengthens the heart. Classical massage makes the ligaments and joints more flexible. It also improves the lymphatic system by activating lymphatic flow. Classical massage has a beneficial effect on the muscles as well as the nervous system.
Benefits of classical massage:
– Reduces the feeling of anxiety
– Has a positive effect on digestion
– Helps with various joint diseases and chronic pain
– Helps with headache caused by numbness
– Reduces or neutralizes stress-induced insomnia
– Helps with subcutaneous injuries and contractions
– Helps to release endorphins, a brain-made substance, into the body
– Stimulates distribution of fat deposits
– Helps improve skin condition
– Any acute illness
– Fever
– Raised temperature
– Purulent skin diseases
– Fungal diseases of the skin
– Thrombophlebitis
– Cardiovascular failure
– Oncological diseases
– Pregnancy


Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage designed to normalize lymphatic circulation in the body. Lymph takes care of removing viruses, toxins, bacteria from the body. Manual lymphatic drainage will strengthen immunity as well as significantly reduce edema.
Lymphatic drainage massage benefits:
– Improves lymphatic drainage
– Improves blood circulation
– Improves metabolic processes
– Lactic acid is removed from the muscles through the lymph
– Removes excess intercellular fluid
– Accelerates the regeneration of skin cells
– Improves psycho-emotional state
– Fragility of blood vessels
– Pregnancy
– Problems with thyroid function
– Chronic kidney and heart disease
– Sclerosis of cerebral blood vessels
– Various tumors (favorable, unfavorable)
– Inflammatory diseases
– Epilepsy
– Tuberculosis
– Blood diseases
– High temperature, acute inflammation of the body
– Osteoporosis
– Prone to bleeding and thrombus formation


Anti-cellulite massage is the best way to smooth out skin roughness. This massage reduces and eliminates cellulite and brings the skin to a healthy state. This treatment improves blood and lymph circulation and helps fill tissues with purifying oxygen.
The benefits of anti-cellulite massage:
– Improve venous and lymphatic circulation
– Prevent cellulite
– Improve tissue oxygenation
– Reduce fat deposits
– Tone tissues, strengthen skin
– Restore muscle tone
– Restore cellular metabolic activity
– Improving the circulation of body fluids, remove excess fluids from the body
– Prevent edema and skin roughness
– Reduce adipose tissue
Procedure process:
– Body peeling with special anti cellulite scrub
– Deep, strong massage with special anti cellulite cream
– Massage with vacuum banks using special anti cellulite oil
– Wrapping in special anti cellulite body wrap (optional)
– Relaxation
– the poor state of health
– high body temperature
– fever
– nausea
– vomiting
– inflammation of lymph nodes
– malignant diseases
– acute skin diseases
– thrombophlebitis
– varicose veins
– capillary network
– any violations in the course of pregnancy and fetal development
– epilepsy
– increased blood pressure
– fungus or rashes on the skin
– diseases of the blood, blood vessels, heart, internal organs, and the urogenital system
– autoimmune disorders
– tumors
– swelling
– mental disorders


Deep muscle massage where the emphasis is on warming up the tissues, stretching and passive movements in the joints. Massage prepares muscles for physical exertion, as well as for restoring strength and energy afterwards.
This massage is also suitable for people who want to renew their strength after a long day at work. The direct mechanical effects of massage on the body include reducing muscle tension, restoring normal muscle length, improving the elasticity of the veins, ligaments and subcutaneous connective tissue, increasing temperature by rubbing, accelerating blood and lymphatic drainage, improving metabolism in the skin, muscles and joints.
Fitness massage benefits:
– Increases joint range of motion
– Increases flexibility
– Increases sense of well-being
– Decreases muscle tension
– Decreases neurological excitability (nerves more relaxed)
– Decreases muscle spasms
– Better sleep
– Acute Inflammation
– Open Wounds
– Bone Fractures
– Deep Vein Thrombosis
– Varicose Veins
– Bleeding Disorders
– Infectious Skin Diseases
– Cancer
– Post Surgery
– If you are feeling unwell, have a virus or high temperature
– Pregnancy


Mud is a unique ‘living’ product of nature, which began to form 2,000 years ago through the decomposition of flora and fauna, and is therefore rich in microorganisms. The therapeutic effect is caused by the biological, thermal, chemical and mechanical action of the mud.
Mud has many effects on the basic functions of the human system: breathing, blood circulation, metabolism and secretions.
The effect of mud on the human immune system activates the defenses of the organs and promotes healing.
Mud improves blood circulation – tissues and cells of the body receive more oxygen and nutrients, improvement of venous circulation reduces edema, metabolism and immune system are promoted, inflammation is absorbed.
The mud massage benefits:
– reduce acne and restore water-fat balance in the skin
– “tightening” of shriveled skin
– reduce pigment spots
– remove swelling
– reduce wrinkles and prevent new ones
– improve blood circulation throughout the body and stop the further development of cellulite
– remove leg pain and soothe “varicose veins”
– reduce sweating in the legs
Procedure process:
– Deep, relaxing massage
– Mud application
– Wrapping
– Relaxation
Duration: 1h – 1,2h
– During pregnancy
– Cardiovascular disease
– Acute dermatological diseases
– Fever, high body temperature
– Oncological diseases


Honey massage is a type of special massage that is widely used, both as a medicine and in cosmetic procedures. Honey has a warming effect on the body and is a natural antiseptic that prevents inflammation.
Honey massage is not only a good for the recovery of health, but also a great weapon in the fight against cellulite. It is a specially developed massage technique that promotes slimming by restoring skin structure. Honey helps the skin to get rid of toxins, remove excess fluid, remove swelling and smooth out the thickening of the subcutaneous fat. The “orange peel” created by cellulite is gradually disappearing and the body silhouette is getting attractive, firm shapes.
Honey massage benefits:
– improves the condition of the body as a whole
– supplies the body with nutrients
– the biologically active substances in the honey enter the bloodstream and the body gets rid of slag and toxins more easily
– Strongly improves blood circulation in all layers of the skin as well as throughout the body
– the skin is cleansed, becomes soft and silky, smoothes subcutaneous thickenings and becomes more elastic
Procedure process:
– Deep, warming massage
– Honey application
– Honey massage
– Wrapping
– Relaksation
Duration: 1,5h
– Allergy to honey and beekeeping products
– During pregnancy
– Cardiovascular disease
– Acute dermatological diseases
– Fever, high body temperature
– Oncological diseases
– Thyroid problems


During the procedure the body is covered with a mixture of warm chocolate. Massage is done with gentle, sliding, rhythmic movements, relieving the body of accumulated tension.
Chocolate provides the skin with the necessary nutrients, trace elements and vitamins – B, A, E, K. Massage also has a beneficial effect on metabolism. Micropeeling of the skin is performed during the procedure because the chocolate emulsion contains small cocoa grains. They do not feel when massaging, but they cleanse the skin.
During the chocolate massage, the muscles are relieved of tension, the blood circulation is improved and the lymphatic drainage is performed. Chocolate caffeine, tannin, polyphenol and theobromine alleviate anxiety, tension and improve mood. Massage serves as a delightful experience that simultaneously relaxes and invigorates.
Chocolate massage benefits:
– Gives the skin a gentle and even bronze tint
– Get rid of acne and pigment spots
– It promotes the production of endorphin or the hormone of happiness, which mainly helps to get rid of negative emotions
– Relieves pain, relieves psychological and physical fatigue
– Improves mood
Procedure process:
– Relaxing, warming massage
– Massage with chocolate
– Wrapping
– Relaksation
Duration: 1.5h – 2h
– Pregnancy
– High blood pressure
– Allergy to any component of the treatment